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Schieblock a second

for an office building

A worn-out office building

A great number of office vacancies and a dormant economic crisis led to delays in inner-city developments. Many municipalities are caught up in sky-high ambitions and an unruly reality. This is the situation in which the Schieblock Laboratory for urban development was founded.


'Creative meeting place with work studios and semi-public spaces'

Small restaurant with a rooftop farm and an urban garden

The Schieblock is a lively ‘city laboratory’ which houses creative entrepreneurs from various disciplines. The owner of the location hired Young Startup for the rental of the spaces in the Schieblock and the security of the building and its site. Young Startup also takes care of the adjacent buildings on the Delftseplein and Delftsestraat. The spaces in these buildings are made freely available under a license agreement.

The Schieblock and the adjacent buildings on the Delftseplein and the Delftsestraat offer room to more than 150 creative start-ups that have turned the location into an inspiring business centre. Special initiatives have been deployed in and around the Schieblock, such as the Rooftop farm, the Biergarten, and the air canal (realised by architectural firm ZUS) which is a temporary wooden bridge that cuts across the Schieblock.

Office and Creative Work Space in London

We have a great workspace available in London that can be used for office or studio space. Its in great condition as you can see from the images.

Caverswall castle, a unique meeting venue

Highlighted properties

Caverswall castle a

meeting venue


When Caverswall Castle in Staffordshire fell vacant Young Startup were tasked with providing a temporary management solution to ensure the Grade-1 listed building was secure from theft, vandalism and trespassers. This moated castle surrounded by glorious Staffordshire countryside holds a rich history, and is one of only twelve moated castles in the UK. This meant the site has always attracted a great deal of interest, so Young Startup were brought in to limit any potential negative consequences of vacancy by protecting this impressive historic building.


"17 th-century English mansion"

View from the outside of the moat


Caverswall Castle is a 17th-century English mansion built within the walls of a 13th century medieval castle. The castle has had many uses over the years, as well as being a nunnery it has been owned by several families who have each carried out various renovations, ensuring that its exceptionally high standards have been maintained over the years.

Throughout its lifetime the castle has remained privately owned and hasn’t been open to the public. Public interest in the site is high, and this has been a key reason for ensuring the property is effectively protected throughout its term of vacancy, right up until the new owner takes over the site.

In the countryside of Staffordshire

Our solution

Because of the unique nature of the site, and the owners instructions to secure the property in its original state without making any modifications to or causing any damage to the fabric of the property we offered the solution to secure the property through multiple live-in guardians via VPS Guardians.

The guardians are accommodated in the main house and in some of its many turrets. One key advantage of protection by occupation is that there is 24-hour physical security presence on site, the residents will maintain the building whilst they are residing there and can ensure it doesn’t decay or suffer damage caused by things like water leaks or rodent infestations. In addition this solution helps combat the housing shortage in the area.

Both the surrounding community and the colourful family of peacocks who live in the garden of the castle are all very pleased with this temporary solution and the new residents of this historic moated gem!

Besides the live-in guardians we have been using the large room on the first floor as a meeting room. With regard to the type of property and to protect it, we are very critical with regard to the selection of parties and availability.

Pop-up market in London

Would you be interested in running your own stall at a bespoke, pop-up market in the heart of Shoreditch?

FutureDome, a former prison

Highlighted properties

This former prison Prison has found

Temporary management


The temporary use of the dome prison in Breda is an initiative of Young Startup and the Dutch Central Government Real Estate Agency, in consultation with the Municipality of Breda. The site has been renamed FutureDome and represents a dynamic community that contributes the future of the city. The 15 buildings offer space to guardians and tenants that work on themes of the future from their profession and passion. This is a brilliant example of a National Monument with a rich history on the edge of Breda, only 5 minutes away from the lively city centre.


"FutureDome works, inspires and brings together"


The dome prison in Breda was built in the period 1882-1886 by architect Johan Frederik Metzelaar, who previously designed the similar dome prison in Arnhem.

The buiding was designed according to the panopticon principle: the guards can keep a constant eye on the prisoners from the centre of the circular building. The dome prison served as a peitentiary institution until 2014. Part of the site was then used by the COA for the temporary housing of asylum seekers. These residents were transferred at the end of November 2016. Young Startup was commissioned by the Dutch Central Government Real Estate Agency in December 2016 to manage and exploit the building on the site for a period of two years.

An inspiring place

The majority of the 15 buildings on the site has been made available to entrepeneurs, both start-ups, established companies and profit and non-proffit organisations. FutureDome offers space to a range of professions, such as artists, furtniture makers, photographers, coaches, a longboard school, writers, alternative healers and psychologists.

It also houses virtual reality companies and the true-to-life Prison Escape game takes place during weekends under the supervision of the Real Life Gaming organisation.

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