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The 9-5 life is not for everybody. For Tobias Krone, disaffection with his own health and frustration in his previous job role led to a pathway towards entrepreneurship, from which the personal trainer and conditioning expert has never looked back. At first, Tobias started offering personal training sessions for just one day per week, with some sporadic evening work thrown in for good measure. However, as business began to improve, he decided to go full-time: “when I didn’t have any hours left I finally made the move” explained Mr Krone.

The enthusiastic personal trainer heads up his own firm, Tobias Krone Strength and Conditioning, which offers fitness tutoring on a one-on-one basis, as well as in group sessions.

Going your own way

“I go for results and expect the same of my customers.”

“I give personal training and strength and fitness training to small groups” says Tobias: “in addition, I treat people with muscle complaints – think of neck and back complaints. This combination allows me to serve my customers optimally.”

The concept behind the company is to offer high-quality physical training sessions in a friendly yet focused environment, where everybody is made to feel welcome. Tobias uses his own personal drive to help his patrons attain their goals: “I go for results and expect the same of my customers.”

In a crowded market, Tobias knew he would have to adopt a different approach in order to make a success of his business, and has distinguished himself with a unique selling point:

“I don’t just focus on groups of people who want to lose weight. This is of course the largest target group [in the industry], but I can also help people with injuries or motivation problems. Every training session becomes personal and that is how you achieve the best results.”

How Young Startup matched my vision

Tobias has been using a workspace provided by Young Startup for five years. In conversation with a former employee, Tobias had mentioned that he was looking for somewhere to bring his business vision to life. This employee explained how Young Startup guardianship service worked, and shortly after Tobias had a home for his very first business.

“The space is large enough, easily accessible and has ample parking. Advantages are the low costs and the ease of cancellation if necessary” explains Tobias: “there’s a nice addition, too. It is also very close to my house.”

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