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Schieblock a second

for an office building

A worn-out office building

A great number of office vacancies and a dormant economic crisis led to delays in inner-city developments. Many municipalities are caught up in sky-high ambitions and an unruly reality. This is the situation in which the Schieblock Laboratory for urban development was founded.


'Creative meeting place with work studios and semi-public spaces'

Small restaurant with a rooftop farm and an urban garden

The Schieblock is a lively ‘city laboratory’ which houses creative entrepreneurs from various disciplines. The owner of the location hired Young Startup for the rental of the spaces in the Schieblock and the security of the building and its site. Young Startup also takes care of the adjacent buildings on the Delftseplein and Delftsestraat. The spaces in these buildings are made freely available under a license agreement.

The Schieblock and the adjacent buildings on the Delftseplein and the Delftsestraat offer room to more than 150 creative start-ups that have turned the location into an inspiring business centre. Special initiatives have been deployed in and around the Schieblock, such as the Rooftop farm, the Biergarten, and the air canal (realised by architectural firm ZUS) which is a temporary wooden bridge that cuts across the Schieblock.

Office and Creative Work Space in London

We have a great workspace available in London that can be used for office or studio space. Its in great condition as you can see from the images.

Caverswall castle, a unique meeting venue

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