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Bakery | 4 years with Young Startup

Remco Beekman’s desire for working independence began at an early age. For as long as he could remember, this succesful baker wanted to run his very own company – first having his sights set in the transport industry, before his passion for all things cuisine led to him having dreams of opening his own restaurant.

After successfully completing a hotel school course, Remco spent some time working in various roles. “I gained five years of experience in business,” he explains. However, the step towards entrepreneurship did not happen until Remco’s girlfriend at the time and her father convinced him to take the plunge.

“They were both real entrepreneurs,” remembers Remco. “They had a beautiful family business. With great admiration, I listened to their stories, choices and dilemmas.” After some serious conversation, the pair motivated Remco to quit his job and follow his dream of entrepreneurship. Company formation soon followed, and Brabantsche Worstenbroodjes BV was born.

Bakery goods for all

“Knowing to become an entrepreneur began at an early age”

In the bakery: handmaking sausage rolls

Remco’s company makes sausage rolls for all tastes. In addition to sausage rolls baked to a traditional recipe, Brabantsche Worstenbroodjes BV also specialises in chicken, vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free variations. Remco is also insistent in putting a regional or seasonal spin on things from time-to-time: “We create truffle around Christmas and asparagus in the spring.”

In addition to putting a unique spin on a culinary classic, Remco is also committed to helping those who often face barriers when trying to get on the job ladder:

“We work with a large share of colleagues who struggle to get a regular spot in the current labour market,” explains Remco. “Colleagues who are deaf, have autism or who find it difficult to work for other reasons can often work for us. We are proud that 25% of our workforce consists of these talents!”

A bakery in a former military barrack

Remco’s business has been using a workspace via Young Startup since 2016. The entrepreneur has rented several units via the platform over the years, with the first consisting of a former military barracks situated in woodland. “Young Startup really thinks about how we can best use our space” explains Remco: “and it is very spacious for a nice price.”

While Brabantsche Worstenbroodjes BV continues to go from strength to strength, Remco continues to be humble about the opportunities afforded by working with Young Startup: “If I had not used this space then I would have been less able to grow my company, because of the higher costs for the bakery.”

As a successful businessperson, Remco Beekman believes in sharing knowledge and not being afraid to ask for advice. “At a certain point, my catering business was running very poorly. I didn’t ask for help and made it seem like everything was going well. It has been very important for me to learn to share and to ask.”

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