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Yoga | 1 year with Young Startup

For the past 12 years, Noëlle Sterk has been making yoga a considerable part of her lifestyle – both personally and through the creation of her business, De Tempel. Following a career in radio, she made the leap to freelancing and teaching but soon found that she was losing precious time on the physical side of her career.

As Noëlle explains, “I found that I was always lugging things around. Furnishing for an event here, a tent with stuff there. With my yoga mats to the beach. And back again.”. From her ambition, and drive to create her own space, De Tempel was born. With the support of Young Startup, the vision could become a reality – transforming an everyday space into a centre of spirituality, passion and love.

Bringing sacredness into the City

“The origins of De Tempel: teaching and freewheeling”

While Noëlle’s 12 years of experience celebrating the world of yoga are nothing to sniff at, before De Tempel she spent a great deal of her time “teaching and freewheeling”. Over time, she saw the need for a more permanent fixture in the community, swapping out yoga retreats for a real-life space that she could fully commit to. As she explains, De Tempel was created from a place of love: “where everything would come together under one roof. Where we would celebrate connectedness instead of making war on differences. I did not know what that would look like exactly, but it would be a very nice, warm place where people would feel at home”.

Originally De Tempel was planned to be a collaboration between Noëlle and a good friend but she ended up doing it solo. While difficult, she stood up to the challenge and aimed to make De Tempel all she dreamed of – a space filled with passion, supported by Young Startup to ensure its success from the offset.

Creating a very special vibe with The Temple

Noëlle  has been involved in every step of the way in the physical and spiritual development of De Tempel space. As she describes it, “I think we have created a very special vibe. On the one hand because of the interior; vintage, upcycle, beautiful things tastefully put together and combined with the atmosphere of colourful India”. Using her personal experience and history of yoga, she was able to devise a space that was welcoming to all – perfectly placed to offer inspiration, form friendships and have real conversations. And of course, practice yoga.

While Noëlle has found much of the work involved in becoming an entrepreneur to be intense, this hasn’t put her off creating something extraordinary within the city. As for how she managed to both accomplish her dream and take breaks at the same time, her advice is “We really can’t function just behind a laptop or between 4 walls. The connection with life outside it is much more important, then it keeps flowing.”.

In the short-term, Noëlle  is with the support of Young Startup, hoping to find a new property and create magic in a whole new location, reflecting the values and goals of De Tempel. In the long-term, she aims to continue doing what she does best – providing safe, spiritual and friendly spaces that spark imagination for her local community.

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