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Design studio | 8 year with Young Startup

Young entrepreneur Mick Keus has a passion for fashion. While Mr Keus has a keen flair for designing and creating custom-made vintage Levi’s 501 jeans, it wasn’t until getting involved with Young Startup that the budding artisan realised that he could further transform his talent into a full-time career.

“The idea originated and was there without me realising it – doing what I enjoyed and further developing the idea I had in mind” explained Mr Keus. The next logical step was to form a business: “to turn my idea into reality, entrepreneurship was the only option.”

Love, life & Levi’s

“A unique take on an old classic”

MICKKEUS his design studio of Young Startup

Mick’s company MICKKEUS is the only one of its type that customises jeans in such inimitable style. The business employs three other permanent colleagues and is further bolstered via the help of interns.

While the designs might be unique and eye-catching enough to light up the trendiest venues in Amsterdam, Mick is surprisingly low-key when explaining his vision: “the concept behing MICKKEUS is a durable pair of trousers for a fair price with the best service.”

Since forming, Mick’s company has gone from strength-to-strength and his creations have featured heavily on the blogosphere whilst also garnering attention on social media sites like Instragram.

While MICKKEUS continues to enjoy success both locally and internationally, Mr Keus has no intentions of resting on his laurels. While he admits “how we are doing now is great”, the young entrepreneur also has a future vision for the company which will focus on slow-and-steady growth, with Mick hoping to “sell more online and grow within the limits” of a company which offers such a bespoke service.


“How we are doing now is great”

When asked where he hopes the company will be in five years’ time, Mick replied “on the same location as now! We are having a great time here and we are happy to continue business here.” However, the young businessman didn’t rule out moving further afield, outlining plans to grow into “other big European cities – it would be great if we could try it in a property of Young Startup.”

Speaking of his experience with Young Startup, Mr Keus explained that his firm has been using a workspace via the company for approximately 8 years, after coming into contact with the platform via a friend. “I am very happy with Young Startup and hope to be able to occupy a space [with Young Startup] for a long time to come!”

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