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Kosmo, one of FAIR2 Media’s owners, has always had an entrepreneurial streak, having gone straight into self-employment after completing his studies. Explaining his philosophy on work, the young businessman said: “our starting point is that you must do work that you enjoy; we have a company because we like it, get energy out of it and enjoy it.”

“That of course does not mean that it is always a party. Sometimes there are difficult periods. Just like everyone else, we also have to work on good communication and co-operation.”

After pitching his ideas to friends Matthias and Margo, the two swiftly joined the company, with further staff being added at a steadily increasing pace. By 2019, FAIR2 Media had become a fact.

Do work you enjoy!

“Our core values are honesty, altruism and courage”

It’s fair to say that innovation is at the heart of everything FAIR2 Media does. The firm creates concepts, develops prototypes and designs products with both physical and digital components.

“We help clients find a solution to their problem” explains Kosmo: “not everybody has a clear picture immediately. Our work consists of designing, programming, electronics, graphic work, carpentry, being able to work with laser cutters, 3D printers, circular saw, paint and a photo studio. Sometimes we take the sewing machine for the finishing touch, or the soldering iron or welding machine. Or whatever it takes to make the best product.”

This multi-faceted approach is one that has served FAIR2 Media well: “our entrepreneurial goal is slow but steady growth” explains Kosmo: “perhaps a team of about 15 people who can each earn a good income from the company”.

“Such a building is useful again, and we benefit greatly from it!”

FAIR2MEDIA has made a workspace their home via Young Startup since summer 2017, when they took over the former post office. Prior to this, the company operated out of a living room, but the trio of Kosmo, Matthias and Margo quickly found that their growing body of work was being impeded by the lack of available space:

“When it became too small, in the living room, we started looking. Since we had no opportunity to buy or rent commercially, we ended up at Young Startup – and we are still happy with it!” elucidated Kosmo.

“We think it is a good thing that existing vacant buildings are used for such useful purposes” added Matthias.

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