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Temporary management


The temporary use of the dome prison in Breda is an initiative of Young Startup and the Dutch Central Government Real Estate Agency, in consultation with the Municipality of Breda. The site has been renamed FutureDome and represents a dynamic community that contributes the future of the city. The 15 buildings offer space to guardians and tenants that work on themes of the future from their profession and passion. This is a brilliant example of a National Monument with a rich history on the edge of Breda, only 5 minutes away from the lively city centre.


"FutureDome works, inspires and brings together"


The dome prison in Breda was built in the period 1882-1886 by architect Johan Frederik Metzelaar, who previously designed the similar dome prison in Arnhem.

The buiding was designed according to the panopticon principle: the guards can keep a constant eye on the prisoners from the centre of the circular building. The dome prison served as a peitentiary institution until 2014. Part of the site was then used by the COA for the temporary housing of asylum seekers. These residents were transferred at the end of November 2016. Young Startup was commissioned by the Dutch Central Government Real Estate Agency in December 2016 to manage and exploit the building on the site for a period of two years.

An inspiring place

The majority of the 15 buildings on the site has been made available to entrepeneurs, both start-ups, established companies and profit and non-proffit organisations. FutureDome offers space to a range of professions, such as artists, furtniture makers, photographers, coaches, a longboard school, writers, alternative healers and psychologists.

It also houses virtual reality companies and the true-to-life Prison Escape game takes place during weekends under the supervision of the Real Life Gaming organisation.

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