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Office space | 5 years with Young Startup

When the sales expert Arnoud Kuipers was given the opportunity to become his own boss, he didn’t need any extra encouragement. With his company 123aftersales, he helps self-employed people and SME’s to improve and increase their customer base, and ultimately grow their business. In November 2018 he was proclaimed “entrepreneur of the month” by a county election. An enthusiastic startup, motivational speaker, trainer and writer of the book “In 10 steps from customer to ambassador” Arnaud works from a sought after location in the center of town.

Arnoud encourages his customers to take after-sales to new heights. He does this by helping them understand the importance of after-sales through his training and lectures. Together with his clients, he devises and implements new strategies to make their company more desirable, both to do business with and to work for. Arnoud’s goal is to turn customers and employees into ambassadors for your company and in his book he explains how you can achieve this in 10 steps. The right after-sales strategy is a crucial part of this.

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"My workspace is affordable, so I don't have to work from home"

From his beautiful Young Startup workplace, Arnoud devises his strategies during office hours. He also prepares his training and lectures here and by turning his training workshops into a fully immersive experience is seen as one of the top after-sales experts out there. His ethos is centred around promoting motivating and inspiring messages and knowledge sharing in the field of customer experience, customer loyalty and after-sales.

According to Arnoud, the biggest advantage of running your own business is the freedom it gives you. And it is this freedom that allows him to closely monitor the balance between his private life and work life. “It is easy to work 80 hours a week when it’s your own business, but I usually stick to office hours,” Arnoud said. Visitors are always welcome to come and join me for a cup of coffee during these office hours, but evenings are my own.

"In 10 steps from customer to ambassador"

The work space that Arnoud was first provided with 5 years ago via Young Startup still fully meets his needs and there are a number of spaces still available here, so why not come and visit for that coffee.

This is not Arnouds first experience of being a property guardian, utilising flexible business accommodation. With 123aftersales he first used an office space in another city, but remained on file with Young Startup as he was still interested in alternative locations. When a space became available in his home town, Young Startup contacted him to let him know. This was 5 years ago and Arnoud could not be happier with his decision to move.

Arnoud mentions price as a major advantage of a Young Startup business space. He has no doubt that without this space he would have to work from home or even move to shared flexible work desks. The property guardian model with its short termination notice period works well for Arnoud as it gives him more flexibility, and means he can relocate his business at short notice if needed.
In the five years he has been housed in is current unit he has maintained a great relationship with fellow guardians, all working together to maintain a pleasant and clean working environment.

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