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Sausage roll star: Remco Beekman

As a successful businessperson, Remco Beekman, tells us about his success with sausage rolls

Get to know our guardians

Noëlle Sterk brings sacredness into the city

Built from humble origins to bring yoga to the people. De Tempel is a place of love in a Young Startup property.

Highlighted properties

Schieblock, a second life for a worn-out office building

A great number of office vacancies and a dormant economic crisis led to delays in inner-city developments. Many municipalities are caught up in sky-high ambitions and an unruly reality.

Get to know our guardians

Tobias Krone wanted to go his own way

Going your own way: how Tobias Krone harnessed the strength to be his own boss and how Young Startup helped a little bit.

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Caverswall castle, a unique meeting venue

A unique meeting location and security by occupation to protect a beautiful moated castle in Caverswall.

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Mick Keus turning a hobby into a way of life

How a passion for fashion can turn into a way of life. Mick tells us more about it.

Get to know our guardians

Arnoud Kuipers needed no encouragement to become his own boss

Thanks to the affordable work space via Young Startup, Arnoud Kuipers doesn’t have to work from home or have to move to flexible workplaces.

Highlighted properties

FutureDome, a former prison

The temporary use of the dome prison is an initiative of Young Startup. The site has been renamed FutureDome and represents a dynamic community that contributes the future of the city.

Get to know our guardians

How FAIR2 Media succeeded with Young Startup

A company with so many strings to its bow can be tricky to operate, although the core trio of FAIR2 Media and its extended team manage this with aplomb. Read more about how they do this.

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