How we screen our Property Guardians

At Young Startup we take the process of finding the right people to occupy your property very seriously. Whether they're interested in a commercial or a residential occupation, we're concerned about making sure only the most reliable people are considered. As such, we have a stringent application process.

Face to face meetings

We want to get the impression of a person as quickly as possible, so we place a lot of stock in face to face meetings both to show the prospective guardian around the property and to sign the license agreement.

We’re looking for people who are going to treat your property with respect, who will not cause damage or be unruly, and who have the right goals and ambitions. Throughout the meeting we’ll be paying close attention to how the prospective guardian behaves – we would never accept anyone for your property that we wouldn’t in ours.

'Many potential guardians seem suitable, but we double check the details to make sure we select the best guardians'

Background checks

We will conduct several phone conversations and in-person meetings during the screening process. But, we will also be looking into the background of the guardian to ensure there are no dark secrets lurking in their past. Whether it be financial issues such as failure to pay rent or criminal convictions, we will know ahead of time.

Everyone deserves a second chance but Young Startup will not make a move without your express consent – you will be involved in every stage of the process to make sure that you’re never in doubt about who is occupying your property. If the prospective guardian is there for commercial reasons, we will perform a business check and require that they are registered through the proper channels before further considering their application for occupancy.

Our ongoing checks

Once we have selected and approved a guardian, the checks don’t stop there. We undertake monthly inspections of the property to ensure that it’s being kept in appropriate condition. We make it clear to our guardians that alterations to the property are not allowed unless you have prior given your express written consent.

As a part of the license agreement signing, we will take a security deposit, which will help act as a further layer of protection against any potential damage that might occur accidentally. We will keep you informed through every stage of the process where necessary to make sure that the standards you lay out are observed. If there are any issues, we will notify you immediately.

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