Affordable & Flexible Work Spaces

Start saving on your working space today! Here at Young Startup we have a great selection of commercial guardian spaces available. You will pay up to 60% less than traditional leases or rents.


What are you waiting for?

  • Lively community
  • Creative environment
  • Affordable work spaces
  • No long-term contracts

Fantastic properties with a lot of flexibility

With a limited budget it’s harder to find a quality workspace, but Young Startup will help you find the right space. It’s free to register online for our service and as soon as we have a studio, office or work space that meets your requirements we will contact you!

Our daily goal is to help you find a space that suits you and that you can move into immediately. Curious about our current properties?

Responsibilities as a Young Startup Guardian

You are flexible

As a guardian we demand a high degree of flexibility from you. We usually cannot state for how long a property is available and for what period you can use a space temporarily.

We ask you to handle the space with care

With our guardian service we aim to minimize the negative consequences of vacancy. It is therefore important that these buildings continue to look representative and you take care of your space like it’s your own.

Take a look at this property

Pop-up market in London

Would you be interested in running your own stall at a bespoke, pop-up market in the heart of Shoreditch?

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