What do I have to do as a commercial guardian?

Being a guardian is an excellent path for startups to get the foothold required to progress their businesses. There are, however, some standards of working and general property conditions that guardians are bound to comply with as a part of the licence agreement.

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General condition

As a guardian, you will be expected to keep the space you occupy in a tidy, clean manner. The property must be well taken care of, and the utmost care should be taken to avoid any damage occurring. If it does, you may be subject to a charge for the repairs, and if your own negligence is determined to be the reason for the damage, you may face your licence agreement being revoked. You are responsible for your actions and the actions of your employees, and any third party you introduce to the space, while you are resident there. The keys to the property are also your responsibility, and losing them will result in a charge for their replacement.

Substance usage

All spaces occupied by guardians fall under a strict no smoking policy, without exception. Candles, or any other device that produces a naked flame, are also prohibited. Weapons and illegal drugs are not allowed, and you must not be a nuisance to other neighbouring properties – as such parties, loud behaviour, and music at excessive volumes are not allowed. If you are reported for this, you may receive a warning, however repeated reports may lead to your licence agreement being revoked.

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Fire safety

As an occupant of the space, guardians must make a point to make themselves aware of the fire safety measures in operation. This includes being aware of any fire exits, fire extinguishing equipment, fire alarms, and the specific fire safety procedure of the building, such as assembly points. Wilfully blocking a fire exit, or otherwise negating the effectiveness of the building’s fire safety methods, will be considered gross misconduct – in the event individual blame cannot be determined, all guardians will be held responsible.

Making changes

If you need to make changes and alter the space you occupy in order to better suit your growing needs, you may do so – however, only with the express written permission from VPS. No direct contact is to be made with the property owners nor any of their associates or affiliates. VPS must be contacted for all client queries.

How it’s monitored

To ensure you’re complying with your responsibilities as a guardian, VPS will conduct monthly checks on the property and its general condition. Our inspectors are trained to be highly courteous, and will clearly announce their presence before entering any living space. Our inspectors will wear identification badges at all times.

If you have any questions or queries, be sure to ask your inspector. Otherwise, you may contact a VPS representative at any time to provide help and assistance. If you’re unsure about something, we would always prefer you contact us first and ensure clarification before taking any action that may result in your licence agreement being revoked.

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