How to become a commercial property guardian?

Becoming a commercial guardian with Young Startup is an excellent way to give your business the step-up it needs. The process has been designed to be as easy and as accessible as possible. So how do you do it?

Finding a property

First you have to check out the properties we have available – we’re constantly curating the list to make sure we have something to appeal to as broad a range of needs as possible. When you see a property you’re interested in, sign up and register your interest, and wait for us to contact you.

When we do, we’ll arrange a viewing with you so you can actually see the property. We strive to describe and photograph each property as accurately as possible, but there’s no substitute for seeing it yourself. Once you’re satisfied that you and your team could comfortably work, we’ll progress.

Signing up

Following your viewing, we’ll arrange another meeting with you to go over and sign the licence agreement. Your license agreement will contain the terms by which you agree to occupy the property – make sure you read and fully understand everything it contains. If you don’t, please ask us for clarification.

With the agreement signed, you will get the keys to the property and you’ll be able to start occupying it. This is the day you will begin paying your license agreement from. A single month’s security deposit will be payable, which becomes chargeable in the event of any damage being done to the property.

What do you need?

In order to be eligible, you must agree to a business credit check and have a business registration number. If you don’t, contact us beforehand, as we still might be able to assist you.

That’s all there is to it – so now that you know all you need to know about commercial guardianship, why not take your next step to become a commercial guardian by contacting Young Startup today?

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