Our Guardians help prevent the negative consequences of vacant properties, and in return are offered a unique and affordable place to live or to work.

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  • Flexible agreement
  • Unique spaces
  • Affordable
  • Creative collaborations

Young startup Tobias found a

property for his gym

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Young startup Mick turned his

into a way of life

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Young startup Arnoud Kuiper found a

work space

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FAIR2 Media moved from a living

to the world

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Pop-up market in London

Would you be interested in running your own stall at a bespoke, pop-up market in the heart of Shoreditch?

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NEWS VPS Guardians launches Young Startup for affordable and flexible work spaces

VPS Guardians, specialist in vacant property management, has launched its new website YoungStartup.co.uk about affordable and flexible work spaces for start-ups.

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