VPS Guardians launches Young Startup for affordable and flexible work spaces

VPS Guardians, specialist in vacant property management, has launched its new website YoungStartup.co.uk about affordable and flexible work spaces for start-ups.

VPS Guardians, specialist in vacant property management, today launches its new website YoungStartup.co.uk offering affordable and flexible work spaces for start-ups.

Affordable workspaces for start-ups
Young Startup is an initiative of VPS Guardians, an international organization based in London, that is specialized in tailored solutions in the field of managing vacant real estate. YoungStartup.co.uk is fully designed for (starting) entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes who are looking for an affordable workspace that suits their needs. The website contains an overview of the available workspaces of the VPS Guardians organisation. In addition, the website shares inspiring stories from start-ups, entrepreneur tips, and special vacant property projects.

A socially responsible alternative to vacancy
“We hope to appeal to a wide group of start-ups in the UK”, says James Freeman, Managing Director at VPS Guardians. “But we also reach out to property owners. We will show you that there are many positive and socially responsible alternatives to vacancy. Using vacant real estate on a temporary basis as a workspace for start-ups has many advantages. The property remains vibrant, it doesn’t deteriorate and all this benefits the rental and sale possibilities. For starting entrepreneurs, it is difficult to find an affordable workspace. These people are often very flexible and happy with a temporarily workspace in, for example, a former garage, a school or an old office building. That’s why short-term use of a vacant workspace is often a win-win situation.”

Register for free
Start-ups who are looking for an affordable office space can register for free at YoungStartup.co.uk. Property owners who are looking for a representative, temporarily solution for their vacant property can contact the Young Startup team by email youngstartup@vpsgroup.com or telephone 020 8236 7688.

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